Image Processing Services

DSM Soft provides a range of image processing services including change detection, ortho-rectification, mosaicing, colour balancing, geo-referencing / geo-rectification of all types of high resolution imagery (aerial and satellite). DSM Soft also specializes in analog and historical imagery processing.

The range of services include:

  • Orthophoto creation
  • We are thorough in high volume orthophoto production flow lines and capable of delivering orthophotos meeting required accuracy levels and presentation requirements.

    We deal with imagery from medium and large format analog/digital cameras. Orthos and true orthos are generated from vertical, oblique cameras and delivered as seamless mosaics. The mosaicking is done with homogenous colour, radiometric corrections and other enhancements based on specific client requirements.

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  • Remote sensing / Change detection
  • We have significant experience in remote sensing, temporal change detection and analysis from commercially available very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery and a range of publicly available datasets of Landsat, Sentinel etc. We leverage on latest software technologies and techniques for highly precise and reliable results for a number of applications viz topographic mapping, farming, land use & land cover etc. We process optical, radar and hyper-spectral imagery and have established robust process flowlines with high degree of efficiency and consistency.

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  • Geo-referencing / Geo-rectification
  • From legacy exploration maps to cadastral records, we have the required tools, knowledge and skilled resources to perform raster and vector georeferencing using a wide variety of sources with disparate coordinate systems. We have over years processed millions of documents for assigning spatial dimension to them as part of high volume mapping projects and on a standalone basis.

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  • Land Use, Land Cover and Habitat Classification
  • DSM Soft has strong expertise in temporal analysis of satellite imagery for monitoring changes in landscape over time. With the aid of commercially available software, cloud computing and a core team of remote sensing experts DSM Soft is able to use automated and semi-automated classification of high resolution imagery to produce land use, land cover and habitat maps complying with EUNIS (European Union Nature Information System), CORINE (Coordination of Information on the Environment Land Cover, CLC) and ASDI (Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure) standards.

    EUNIS Habitat Land Use and Land Cover Classification

    EUNIS Level 2 Land Use and Land Cover Classification

    EUNIS Riparian Land Use and Land Cover Classification

    Peat Land Restoration

    CORINE Land Cover

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    Urban Atlas Map

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