About Us

DSM Geodata Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of DSM Soft (P) Ltd. DSM is based in India and has offices in Chennai and Trichy.

Since its inception, DSM has been focusing on delivering high quality services within budget and on time. This has helped the company earn a good reputation and forge long term relationships with its customers. The company has grown both organically and by acquisitions. DSM Soft has a solid track record of delivering value added services to its clients.

In addition to working directly with end customers, DSM also works through business partners in several regions of the world who have strong technical expertise and access to the local markets. DSM’s technical expertise and world class production capabilities complement the partner’s. With changing market needs and technologies, DSM is committed to policies of investments and innovation within the company, to refine and enhance the services offered to clients.

DSM’s production facility is based on a process driven approach further enhanced by technology enablers and high levels of automation. This has helped create a highly scalable yet lean production flow line.

DSM Soft is committed to conduct business by providing an environmental performance consistent with industry practices to our customers, employees and other stake holders. DSM Soft endeavours to operate in harmony with the environment in accordance with its environmental policy statement which is a set of principles that helps the organization to manage and minimize the environmental effects of its people, activities and operations.

Backed by professional management, an efficient team of specialists, best business and employee-friendly HR practices and policies, DSM Soft focuses on employee development by building a diverse workforce and offering effective programs to advance successful careers. DSM Soft is an Equal Opportunity Employer and it aims to fully integrate minority groups, women and disabled persons into the workforce.

DSM Soft has always taken utmost care to build a safe and healthy work environment for our staff and encourages an active healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.




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