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Mapping Services

DSM undertakes high volume geospatial 2D/3D data conversion projects and has successfully executed mapping projects from disparate and wide-ranging sources (satellite imagery, aerial photography, LiDAR or Legacy maps) to deliver in multiple GIS formats. DSM has a strong customer base in United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and North America.

The range of services include:

  • Land base mapping – small, medium and large scale
  • Land base mapping is performed using varying resolutions of satellite imagery, aerial photography, LiDAR, field survey inputs and other applicable sources for attribution. DSM’s land base mapping services are used by federal & state governments, local governments and private mapping organizations world-wide.

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  • Cadastral mapping
  • We have a home-grown platform for cadastral mapping “CADAST(U)RE” and have been catering to federal & state governments in Europe and Australia. Our subject matter experts have enabled land registry organizations in state wide cadastral modernization programmes. Precision is key to land ownership information and hence our cadastral mapping processes are highly capable and reliable for delivering quality outputs consistently.

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  • Rail / Road corridor mapping
  • Detailed mapping is a vital component for rail and road construction projects, be it for expansion of rail and road networks, alignment changes or for new routes. We provide rail and road corridor mapping services using high resolution imagery and LiDAR data acquired using helicopters, drones and satellites.

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  • Forestry / Agriculture / Hydro mapping
  • Monitoring the natural environment is a key focus area of countries worldwide viz mapping of forestry, vegetation, grasslands, permeable & impermeable surfaces, inland water etc., Mapping is performed using aerial & satellite imagery, LiDAR & RADAR, hyper spectral imagery has become inevitable activities of government mapping organizations.

    DSM specializes in mapping the natural environment using remote sensing, change detection and feature extraction techniques to address the environmental monitoring needs.

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  • Engineering / Terrestrial photogrammetry mapping
  • Engineering photogrammetry is the process of reverse engineering structures for design changes using stereo images acquired from fixed optical sensors. Close range terrestrial photogrammetry is used to create stereo images and detailed mapping of structures in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction domain. DSM has experience in the creation of as-built models of heritage structures using close range engineering photogrammetry.

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  • Positional accuracy improvement of map features
  • Positional accuracy improvement (PAI) is the process of applying 'shift' to the coordinates of the older maps to coordinates derived from new photography and or improved survey controls. DSM has done high volume PAI projects that involves country wide revision of the map base. It has also developed proprietary software for generation of shift vectors and applying shifts to map layers based on the shift vectors.

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  • GIS data conflation
  • DSM has experience in creating composite GIS data sets meeting the accuracy requirements of its customers from a wide variety of intersecting and redundant data sources. COTS ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platforms as well as home-grown software are used for conflation and quality assurance in such projects.

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